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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Ivee did very well in her swallow study yesterday. She didn't cry, not even once. She wanted to know what was going on the whole time. And she was adorable with her Barium "go-t". Wish I had took a picture. Well, she didn't aspirate once. She couldn't do thin liquids very well, but on the consistency of 2nd stage foods, she could get it down after about 3 swallows. So, we have a long patient road ahead of us, but she didn't fail the test. Daddy and I are thrilled. We are just waiting on approval from the oncologist, and we will begin to try to feed her. She is starting all over again. She really doesn't remember "how" to eat. She pushed it out of her mouth. We are excited and are anxious to get started. Thank you for the prayers. God bless everyone of you!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tomorrow is the Day

Ivee has learned how to undress herself from her Nemo PJs.
And she knows how to get around enough to get in trouble.
A few days ago, she decided to start putting weight on her legs. She did this on her own without us prompting her. She's really coming along.
This is daddy getting her feet after standing up.
He favorite toys right now are blocks. This is her in the blocks box.
Her swallow test is tomorrow and mommy is anxious. It's at 2 pm at USA C&W. Be praying for us. I'll keep you posted on the results.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just taking a moment to remind you all to pray for Ivee. Her swallowing test is coming up on Monday, and mommy is very anxious. Trying not to be, but human feelings can be hard to control. Praying for peace.
The fundraiser for St. Jude is going so well. If you don't know what I'm talking about or still want to give your financial support, look at the last blog.
The upstairs is near completion, with doors to paint and install and a toilet leak that we'll have to find a way to fix.
Gonna try to post some pics later.
Take care.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just a quick note. Ivee only had a virus, as we suspected. She's came home Saturday, and except for congestion is fine. The swallow study is scheduled for Monday, November 19th. So, we hopefully will be good and well for it.
A couple of notes:
1. If your child has aquadots, as my niece does, take them away. A recall is taking place because if they are swallowed, they react with the bodies acids and cause an effect like the date rape drug. Two children have been hospitalized after ingesting them. It is extremely dangerous. My niece put it in her ear, and had to go to the doctor. How much easier is it for them to swallow them.
2. The upstairs is near completion. I'll post pics soon. Carpet was laid on Monday, the stairs are stained, walls painted, and couch delivered. just need to complete doors and windows, some lights, and other minor stuff.
If you are one of our friends or website followers, this is for you. My good friend Angela runs the preschool connected to our church. She is having a Preschool Trike-a-thon for St. Jude in honor of Ivee next week Nov. 12-16th. This means alot to us, and the support for St. Jude is huge. Just look at their website at all they do for medicine, treatments, housing/food, and so much more and you'll know. (stjude.org). Well, if you would like to sponsor a preschooler, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't have a tricycle riding preschooler yet (one day she'll be able to ride) but you can send your support in general, or perhaps even sponsor my friend Angela's little girl, Ella. Anyway, to show your support give Angela a call at work...626-1379 or email her at Angela@faithfamilyonline.com. You can also email me with your info, and I'll pass it along to her at hopealations@hotmail.com. Thank you everyone, and thanks for giving to help Ivee and other kids.
I LOVE YOU ALL. Good night.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Today we are in USA W&C hospital. Ivee woke at midnight with horrible congestion. Then a few hours later had a fever of 102.7. They will keep her for 48 hours to do cultures. Have to make sure her port isn't infected. Em and I believe we know what is wrong. She went to the Children's Medical Group office on Tuesday, and just as I figured would happen...she was fine when she went there (and for the record has not had any illnesses not cancer related since December of 06) ... and then a little after 24 hours of leaving the ped's office, she is sick. This happens every time we take her there. I just feel like we are walking into a cesspool of germs. Ironically, she told us to stay away from people who maybe sick, and to socially keep her isolated. That's not the problem. Well, I'll stop now. Just remember my back in your prayers. The hospital is not a comfortable place to sleep.