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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just realeased from the Hospital, AGAIN!

So, I just got out of the hospital for the third time this year. This time, gall bladder. I had two attacks after I had Ivee, and after an ultrasound 6 weeks ago, my doctor confirmed I had gall stones. He put me on Protonix, and it has been working great up until this past Monday. I woke up early (12:20 a.m.) on Tuesday morning and was having another attack. My past attacks never lasted more than an hour. Well, by 3:00 a.m. I told Emmett to call my doc and see if going to the emergency room would do any good. The doctor on call told me to go in and that they would have to take my gall bladder that day. So, I did go in and by 6:00 a.m. they gave me demerall for pain. (however you spell it). Well, Em wishes he had a video camera, cause within 10 seconds of that shot, I was tripping...good! They admitted me, and that evening I had emergency gall bladder surgery. So, now I am in recovery at home, with four holes in my stomach. Trying to take care of Ivee is not easy, but Em is at home with me for the week. So, I am still nursing her, but have to take it pretty easy. What a summer! I mean I just got back to work, and here I am again out. Guess I'll see how valuable I really am : ) ! Well, remember me in your prayers that I will recover well and get back to work next week. Remember Ethan too, cause next Tuesday he has to have a tooth pulled. This is his first extreme dental episode. Love everyone. take care!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Trip to Jacksonville

Ivee's first time in the swimming pool. She did NOT like it!

Ivee and Aunt Kim

Ethan watchin DVD's in the car and being "O so good!"

Ethan and Britt passed out in the car.

Ivee asleep in the car.

Ivee on Sonia's balcony with her binky. Sonia so gracously taught her to love it in only two days. THANKS! : (

My last night there, I had 2 bed buddies. Yes, there was no room for me to sleep!

Well, we just got back from visiting Aunt Sonia, Uncle Cris, Whitney, Aunt Kim and Terri in Jacksonville. It was a short trip but I had a really great time. It's fun to get together with family. Ivee did very well for an 8 week old on her first long trip in the car. Frankly I think she did better than her brother and sister. Ethan and Brittney did do okay on the trip down, but on the way back Whitney came with us. The three in the back seat, even with a DVD player showing movies and with head phones, was still extremely loud. They don't get the concept that you don't have to yell with head phones on and if you are talking to someone else with headphones on they can't hear you. Then there was the, "Stop touching me! your on my side!" stuff.
For those of you who keep up with my blogging, I have a couple of prayer request. Ethan has an extremely bad abcessed tooth. He is on a second round of antibiotics to knock out the infection, and once it is gone the tooth will have to be pulled. Ethan has never even had a cavity, so I am hoping he doesn't freck out that his first dental problem is a slightly big one. I know I would be scared at the age of six to have that needle coming towards my mouth. Luckly he doesn't know what is going to happen yet, so I'm not getting the nervous jitters out of him everyday, having the anticipation of what is to come.
Also, I have a big discission to make within the next week. I'm really struggling with which way to go. I know what my heart wants, and I know what would be best, but there are things that I would have to give up, some good, some bad, and there are things that I would enjoy and dislike about both sides. I know this sounds a bit confussing, but it will make sense someday to most of you. I am just waiting for confirmation from God, cause I don't want to go anywhere he doesn't want me to go, or do anything he doesn't want me to do.
And lastly, Ivee is getting over a cold, so keep her in mind. It is so hard to be congested when you are only two months old and you don't know how to blow your nose.
Thanks and love to everyone.