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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Update on Ivee

She is doing really well with the eye patchings. She keeps it on about 2 hours a day. She didn't make it tonight, though. She fell asleep after 45 minutes. You can already tell that she is starting to have better control over it already. I'm praying that she gains really great control over it before we go back to the eye doctor in about 3 weeks.
Em and I are headed on a much needed vacation in 8 days. We haven't been alone anywhere without the kids in about 12 years. After this experience with Ivee, we really need to take this cruise. Now, needless to say, mom is a bit nervous about leaving Ivee behind. Not just that, but leaving on a boat where I really can't be contacted, well I guess in an emerency I could. But, perhaps it will be good for me. I know I'm not in control anyway (even though I tend to fight that), so I just have to let go. So, let's pray for health for us all, good weather, and for my niece who will be left with the kiddos. Oh, and that the kids get along!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ivee's Eyes

Em and I learned this Friday that Ivee's brain has "shut down" her right eye, so she technically can't see out of it. The doctor believes we might be able to bring it back if we patch the left one about 2 hours a day. She doesn't like it, but is being a trooper. You can tell she can't really see at all when she's patched. This really makes me sad, but hopefully God will heal as he already has in so many ways!!!