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Monday, March 22, 2010

Taking a trip

Most of the Foley's are packing today for a week long stay in Meridian, MS. Going to help Tony and Melissa with their Easter production. I am excited to be used again!!! (Maybe that didn't sound right :)
Praying that our time their brings some fun times with family/friends. Em is driving up Saturday to spend sometime with them as well.
We have been visiting a new church start in Daphne, and have enjoyed the music and message. Looking forward to visiting there some more when we get back. BUT, definitely looking forward to worshiping with the Harman's this coming weekend.
God bless you all, and pray for us to have safe travels and no issues.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Johnny had his shunt replaced yesterday, and all seems to be going well. Pray for a quick recovery and no infection!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Johnny is still in the hospital. Hopefully they can replace his shunt this Wednesday so he can go home.
Pray for Brad and Christy Benton's family. One of Brad's brothers, Jacob, died in a car accident yesterday morning. He was only 18. Brad is the oldest of the 5 boys. Pray for Brad's parents, Roger and Jamie.

I don't remember so much going on when I was a child. Maybe because children are oblivious to their surroundings sometimes. Maybe it's cause I grew up in a small town and things just didn't happen as frequently. I know that as you get older, people will start passing away, and that tragedy will mean more to you, but it seems as though there is just so much around us! Natural disasters, cancer, surgeries, accidents, death...people just affected everywhere. I hang on to the hope that my Savior is coming for his children soon! That suffering will end and tears will be wiped away!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

All is well....

Ivee's doctor appointments are pretty much over. Only 2 more weeks and we pass the 6 week watching period for infection. She is still making strides in speech and speed. Getting more and more close to her appropriate age everyday. And...she is so girly. Totally the opposite of my Britt!
I'm currently in the swing of learning 13 songs in 1 week. My friends, Tony and Mel, need my help with their churches Easter Production in two weeks. They will perform for 3 nights the last weekend in March, and I've got to crunch to learn the music so I can direct the band. Looking forward to it!!!! And glad to spend a week living with my friends! Pray for my mind to absorb it all, and for alot of people living under one roof for a week. I'll be happy doing music again. It's been 9 months, and this should help me get back into the swing of looking for a new position in the music field. I am looking forward to what God is going to do through this, and in my families future.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Life around these parts......

Ivee has been doing well, but unfortunately daddy brought home some sinus/respiratory thing! She caught it, so off to the pediatrician this afternoon. Just have to make sure she stays out of the clear on this shunt thing, so taking no chances. I think Em and I had it first, but it is more in my sinuses.
Em's grandmother had hip replacement on Friday. We haven't felt well, so we haven't chanced going to see her. Hopefully we can this week. 
One of my best friends from Mississippi, Melissa, called last night. Her brother in law,Brett, (husband's brother) was in a motorcycle accident. He had to be rushed to Jackson for emergency surgery to save his left leg. Mel said that a lady had seen the accident and stayed there praying with him. She said, "God has something big planned for his life, cause he shouldn't be here!" God always sends the right person along to encourage you. Em and I remembered a time after Ivee's accident (finding the mass in her head) that a lady-preacher came up to us and said that God told her to tell us that everything would be okay cause he is in control. She began quoting the names of songs from the play we had just been in at church. She said to "Hold on, Help was on the way" and that God knows that we "need a miracle." She didn't know us, that we had just portrayed the parents of a terminally ill child with cancer in a play just one week earlier, she didn't know the names of those songs, and she didn't know that the play had just come to life for us. That we now were really parents of a child about to walk the journey to battle a horrible cancer. God makes himself known in many ways! You just have to open your heart to hear him!!!!
So, please pray for Em's Grandma. Pray for the Harman's as Brett walks down the road to recovery after this accident. Pray for my friend Cris, as his mom is going through hospice after battling cancer for years. And continue to lift up the names of those little ones in my links column. Cancer is a nasty disease that is not a respecter of people. BUT, God is never surprised by what happens, and as we have learned, all things work for the good of those who love him (Romans 8). We are never alone!