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Monday, June 29, 2009

Day one in Memphis is coming to a close. Ivee is doing well, but sedation always makes her cranky. Hopefully she will sleep well tonight. I don't know if mommy will be her bed partner tonight or not. I think it is time for Brittney to have a turn.
We won't know the MRI results until Wednesday when I meet with the RO. Her eye exam was good today. No problems and the doctor is pleased with how her eye has "fixed" itself after the surgery to remove the scar tissue. More test and appointments the next three days. I'll keep posting.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My work

Here are some of the pieces I have created. The videos on this sight I created as well (from and for personal reasons). I have also created picture movies for special occasions (weddings, funerals, parties). Just a sample of some pics.

Here is a logo I created for a school.

This was the front of a Christmas Program.

This was for an armed forces holiday.

This was for a sign on the church premises.

This was for a web topper.

This was for a singles ministry shirt and more.

An Update...Finally

We are headed to St. Jude this weekend. Ivee has appointments all next week, MRI on Monday. We are once again praying for a clear scan, on this her 2nd year checkup. This time is always a little nerve racking for me and Em. You just dread the results, not knowing. BUT, God is in control. He is always working out his plan. And even though we don't know or always comprehend it we know that He works good for those who love Him and are called according to his purpose.
I am now home with the kids. Budgeting without my income is "tight" but we are doing okay. I haven't cooked this much in...well, ever! I am looking for work to do from home though. I will be posting some of my "portfolio" to get out there on my other website (the one I truly neglected). So if you know of anyone or any company that needs a design made, a PowerPoint presentation designed, movie of pictures or video made for presents, picture fixed or more, let them know that I am cheap! It would just help to have the extra work. I have years of design experience from my previous job and really enjoy working on posters, pictures, and logos. So, they can contact me anytime. Just give them this web link, and once I get some portfolio pics up, they can see some of my past work. Thanks, and keep on praying! God bless.