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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Team Ivee shirts

Going to place another Team Ivee shirt order soon. If you didn't order yours last time and want one now, please see the link to the right on this page for information. If you choose not to use paypal, you can mail a check to me instead. Just let me know, and I'll get you my info.

So...about Ivee's issues...

SOMETHING is going to happen. 
After a long day of phone calls, looks like we'll be headed back to Memphis the first part of August to address Ivee's stomach/hernia/heaving and head swelling. It is so great to have a doctor (that after talking to his nurse and her relaying the info I gave her) had her call back immediately cause he wants her up there and this taken care of once and for all! He's tired of the run around and "no idea" answers I've been getting back here at home. So thankful to feel like we are getting pushed up on a priority list instead of pushed to the side cause she has something no one wants to deal with.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And so she goes, and goes.....Thank Goodness

Yes, Ivee has been doing so well with her potty training. 3 days in a row now and no real accidents. She's just had what I call the occasional 'Peed in my pants from laughing to hard (or sneezed)' spot. Some of my "older" friends know what I'm saying :). She looks so very well. She is becoming a typical 5 year old, with sassy comments and occasional hissy fits, especially during PT. She is doing hippotherapy (PT with horses), and she's been 4 times now. All 4 times the therapist hasn't gone more than 20 - 30 minutes before a meltdown. The sessions have gotten better (attitude wise) each time, but Ivee still shows that stubborn behind of hers each and every time.  It's amazing that they can throw the biggest fits about the easiest things. Things that I can get her to do without throwing a big one, but the minute a therapist touches her all the crap hits the fan. I always said from the very beginning that Ivee could smell a therapist driving up the road, and she let you know before they even touched her that she wasn't going to cooperate.
Now, on to the issues she's still having. The hernia is just giving her so many problems right now. I have noticed the lump in her belly has gotten larger the last few days. She's is gagging more frequently, and for longer periods of time. It was just in the morning time and only for a minute or so. Now it seems to last over a span of 30 minutes and comes and goes throughout the day. Last night, Brittney said she was up quite a few times with her. Poor Brittney stays with her at night. She's such a good big sister. I am trying to get Ivee in with a different GI doctor, being that the one I took her to before hasn't been very helpful. Hoping to get some answers, cause everything they thought it might be and all the treatments to eleviate the issue...it hasn't worked.
The kids and I are leaving for Jacksonville with my younger sister and her 3 kids this Sunday to go see my older sister. 8 people in the car, one a baby, should make for an interesting drive!
Keep praying for Ivee and that the GI issues will be solved soon!!!

Friday, July 08, 2011

We need your VOTE!!!!!

Please take a moment and visit the link below to cast your VOTE! Help Ivee and other children get the money to help continue researching pediatric cancer! EVERYDAY...TODAY...46 children will be diagnosed with cancer and 7 children will lose their battle to it!!! It only takes a moment, please vote. We are 5,000 votes behind the lead charity.